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You have probably already tried out the first three episodes of the Romanian Lessons Podcast. (If not, get them right away for free!)

I am sure you can not find this type of lessons anywhere else on the internet. And I can tell you they are very popular. People have been begging for more after they went through the lessons.

"Thanks from me, too. I find the lessons very helpful and easy to follow. Good luck and I am looking forward to the next lessons!" (Blanco)

"I'm here just to say thank you from all my heart.. Other people said and I agree, it's very helpful.. and so good to understand.. so, thank you again.. I'm waiting for new classes!" (Alegria, Brazil)

"I found these very useful. Are you going to do anymore? Thanks for the episodes you have done." (Anonymous)

So, if you are serious about learning Romanian, here is the whole lesson package (lessons 1-18). It comes as pdf and mp3 files packaged together.

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Here's what you'll get

Lesson 1 (14:23)
Lesson 2 (8:58)
Meeting people
Lesson 3 (12:03)
Being polite
- common greetings
- pronunciation of "ă", "ș", "ț", "che", "ce", final "i"
- common phrases when meeting someone
- pronunciation of "î", "ge", "ghe"
- "dumneavoastră"
- polite forms, differences to non-polite forms
Lesson 4 (17:02)
To be
Lesson 5 (21:45)
Where are you from?
Lesson 6 (10:59)
Numbers (part 1)
- the present forms of the verb "a fi" - to be
- usage of personal pronouns
- pronunciation of letter "e"
- countries, nationalities and languages
- letters "î" and "â"
- review, conversation
- numbers from 1-10
- basic concepts about noun genders
Lesson 7 (9:32)
Numbers (part 2)
Lesson 8 (16:09)
Numbers (part 3)
Lesson 9 (12:37)
One coffee, please!
- numbers from 11-19 - numbers from 20 up
- gender of words expressing numbers
- basic conversation with a waiter
- asking the price and paying
Lesson 10 (17:07)
Lesson 11 (16:46)
How old are you?
Lesson 12 (15:45)
Where do you work?
- family members
- present singular forms of the verb "a avea" - to have
- negative of verbs
- basics of posessive pronouns
- telling the age
- preposition "de" with numbers
- present plural forms of the verb "a avea" - to have
- a conversation
- telling about your profession
- reflexive verb "a se ocupa"
- a conversation
Lesson 13 (14:31)
What time is it?
Lesson 14 (14:46)
At what time?
Lesson 15 (9:10)
Days of the week
- various ways to tell the time
- short and long forms
- coloquial and literary forms
- time expressions
- a conversation about the daily routine
- days of the week
- time expressions for weekly activities
- weekly routine
Lesson 16 (7:14)
Happy holidays!
Lesson 17 (7:56)
My apartment
Lesson 18 (18:27)
To like
- Christmas and New Year wishes - a text and vocabulary related to the apartment - the verb "a plăcea" - to like
- dative personal pronouns (used with "a plăcea")
- subjunctive (1st and 2nd person)

EUR 15.90*
*for a limited time


What people say:

"Wow, this is great. My girlfriend is from Romania, And i want to learn the language. So this will help me for sure. Multumesc foarte mult. La revedere, Daan From Canada."

"Un travail magnifique, surtout qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de ressources pour le roumain. Mille fois merci." (Anonymous)

"Thank you again and again for this work. My Romanian skills are growing by leaps and bounds." (Shelly R.)

"Thank you for these lessons, Florin. They are the perfect length and a perfect pace. I'm traveling to Romania on business next month, so I find these more helpful than learning from a book. Keep up the good work!" (Anonymous)

"Me and my girlfriend have been trying for some time to find a lesson such as this. We have been in Romania for a month now and we are from California and this is going to be a tremendous help for us. Keep the lessons coming!" (Andrew and Alice)

"This podcast was incredibly well done. Over the years, I've purchased material that wasn't this good! There are not many thorough resources for English-speaking people. There are many phrase books, but not many explanations." (Eric)

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